Dr Roger Peate, BDS,MDS (Syd)
                              Specialist Orthodontist

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website updates

Posted on 21 September, 2016 at 9:35 Comments comments (3)

Our website has been recntly updated, and we have created another website - www.ballinaorthodontics.com - to help our patients find us.

Our emphasis is on QUALITY as these days almost every dental practitioner seems to be claiming to have some sort of training in orthodontics and using all sorts of strange techniques.Unfortunately marketing has entered the dental profession in a big way, and the public is generally unaware of this.

We wish all our wonderful patients success in the upcoming exams

Where does Dr Peate practise?

Posted on 21 April, 2015 at 1:30 Comments comments (0)

Ballina Lismore and Alstonville. 

Dr Peate uses 3 dental practices across the Northern Rivers to provide his patients with the opportunity to obtain Orthodontic Treatment. 

Please contact us on 0416126646

Smiles on faces

Posted on 21 April, 2015 at 0:55 Comments comments (0)

Adjusting smiles on faces by  Specialist Orthodontist (Dr Roger Peate) is not just about improving smiles and aesthetic appearance (what you look like). It is about broadening arches, correcting bites such as crossbites, slides to the left and right, deficient maxillas and mandibles (upper and lower jaws) open bites, crooked teeth and much more.

Dr Peate uses his knowledge, experience and expertise to individualise each patient and treatment. 

There is no such thing as one size fits all. 

Sometimes patients require referral to an Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgeon if the treament requires full correction that plates and braces are unable to achieve on their own.

Examples of these may be Excessive Maxilla where there is too much gum showing on the upper arch when the patient smiles. 

This may give the patient a horsey looking appearance.

Alternatively the patient may possess an overly prominent jaw line/ or deficient jaw line that may require surgical correction. 

Doctor Peate is able to diagnose these discrepancies and to write referrals accordingly  to the Surgeon of choice.

The latest trend in the news at the moment appears to be the Fluoride debate. 

Dr Peate would like to inform anyone who reads this blog that fluoridation of our water supply and the use of fluoride toothpaste has and will continue to prevent much dental disease. Dental disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. 

There has been much debate in the media about this subject, but he would like to invite people to look at the Science, before becoming embroiled in any such debate. 

We are happy to refer patients to sources of information to validate the excellence in using fluoride to prevent dental diseas particularly in children. 

Braces may also be referred to as fixed appliances and plates as removable appliances.

There are also removable retainers that are used at the end of treatment when the braces are removed. 

We have in the past week debanded (removed braces) on five young men and women with excellent results. Please keep yours eyes peeled for before and after photos on this website.

Wishing everyone happy smiles!

Lauren Peate (writer of this blog) 

Cheap Braces

Posted on 9 April, 2015 at 7:15 Comments comments (0)

Dr Peate feels it is important for persons considering treatment to be aware that not all braces are the same.

On the market are many types of cheaply manufactured braces, using inferior materials.

Metal braces must be made of stainless steel to be efficient. Cheap metal braces are too soft and break or distort during treatment.

Clear braces must be made of ceramic. Cheap braces are made of plastic, which are far too soft and weak, as well as being made of a chemical plastic which is bad for your health.

Orthodontic wires should be either stainless steel or nickel titanium in makeup.

Dr Peate only uses the best orthodontic products available (which are mostly made in America or Europe) rather than cheaper alternatives (mostly produced in Asia). This way he is confident that he can produce the best possible results without compromise.

He is happy to provide further information if you are interested.

Braces for faces

Posted on 7 April, 2015 at 22:35 Comments comments (0)

Today Dr Peate checked retainers, and fitted braces to 3 fortunate patients who have chosen to correct their bites and crooked teeth, improving their smiles and aesthetic appearance. 

Dr Peate also bonded splints to patients who are no longer required to wear retainers after their braces have been removed.

Braces are not just about what you look like or improving appearance.

Braces improve the overall health of the teeth; patients are set up for life to assist in correction of alignment and less wear and tear over the years. . 

Crowding and crooked teeth can cause teeth to wear down in all the wrong places and over the years this may affect the whole bite.

Teeth do not remain constant forever, however braces always provide and excellent baseline or start to presevation of bite and a more aesthetically pleasing smile. 

Dr Peate explains this to all his patients in a relaxed environment without pressure to start treatment. 

Treatment options are provided along with quotes that are tailored individually. 

Braces make for happy faces and his patient results are excellent. 

To contact us for an appointment just call me, Lauren, and can usually accomodate you with an appointment within a month. 

We are at Ballina, Lismore and Alstonville. 

Have a lovely smiley day!

Hobart Conference

Posted on 8 February, 2015 at 11:55

In March Dr Peate will be attending a three day meeting of the

Australian Society of Orthodontists Foundation for Research and Education.

The theme for this meeting is "Materials, Risk and Art in Orthodontics"

This meeting will be held in Hobart.